About Us

Who We Are?

Ho-cheng Garden Tools was founded in 1971 in Lukang, Taiwan. we specialize in the manufacture of gardening tools.  Our products include: lopping shears Hedge shears, tree pruner, grass shears, Pruner shears, Interchangeable tools, Ho-Cheng has more than forty years of hard won industry experience.  Our high-technology manufacturing facilities provide our clients with top quality products and services. Ho-Cheng is one of the benchmark companies in the gardening tools industry.

Ho-cheng’s outstanding products are not only ISO-9001 certified but the core technologies used have also been patented across many countries.  This is thanks to our insistence on investing in research and development.  Through our solid R&D team, every product is subjected to countless refinements in development and rigorous testing.  Only when the team is satisfied with the quality does a design enter production and become a finished product.  To improve R&D efficiency, we have accelerated the upgrade of R&D equipment and purchased many instruments as well as machinery.  These will be used in the research, development and refinement of future products.

In the future Ho-cheng will continue to focus on improving the quality of its R&D efforts, recruiting talented people and building new production equipment.  Apart from seeking the growth our own business, we will not forget to create the most value for our customers.  You success is our success.  We hope that you will join us in creating this golden future.

Wellcut brings together Expert Garden Tools with unique design features to penetrate even the most demanding markets word wide. Wellcut has a complete range of standard and innovative graden products combined with a full packaging and labelling sytem. Wellcut draws on international resources by using international design consultants offering product design, packaging,marketing and logistics support.